Brown Dress: 19 Days in!

Has it only been 19 days? Really? ONLY 19 days? It seems like I've been wearing these brown dresses forever.

Not that that's a bad thing. A bit boring, yes, but anxiety free. I did not realize how much clothes angst I live with, until I decided to go without...not without clothes, LOL. THAT would get me arrested and would blind people with my magic superpowered ugliness death rays. But without the choices that plague me normally.

Now, I know that choices don't plague everyone. (Yum this Venti decaf Cafe Americano with Sugar Free Caramel syrup that I got with a Starbucks gift card I won at my chiorpractor's office sure is tasty...just thought I'd share.) But they do plague me. Clothing choices, that is. And sometimes about an icon of American Consumerism. What is it I'm drinking, again? But I digress...

So, I'm 19 days in. I like the simplicity. Sometimes I feel a tiny bit awkward, but then I remember that strangers at the store don't know I've worn the same 2 identical dresses for 19 days running. So, to them I look normal.

And the people I care about? Well, they all know about my project and are supportive, or at least polite enough to not laugh at me to my face. A friend at knitting group last night said it doesn't seem like I'm wearing the same thing over and over, since I always have some color around my neck or face. Hmmm. I think I've rotated between only four different scarves in these 19 days. I have not worn any sweaters, jackets or cardigans because it's been WARM and Indian Summer-like. In fact, on several days I've been a bit hot in the brown dress. But I soldier on despite the weather.

What have I learned:

1. That I need to massively simplify my wardrobe when this project is over.
2. That if I could find a way to make wearing a brown dress a weight loss plan, that Icould market it and get rich. Hardy har har har...that's a running joke.
3. That what's on my body has nothing to do with the state of my soul.
4. Perhaps it's the novelty, perhaps the simplicity or the sameness, but this is a lesson in setting my mind on heavenly things, not on earthly things, in a very small way that is.
5. Albeit with a massively simplified and much smaller wardrobe, I think I'll enjoy having a few different things to wear when this month is over.
6. But so far, I think the brown dresses are going to remain a huge favorite of mine.
7. That I am more myself or more at home with myself in these two brown dresses than anything I've worn in years. I can't even think of anything that compares. What does that say about me?
8. Loving God and loving other people is all that matters. Clothes are just for covering our nakedness and preventing hypothermia or sunburn.


Anonymous said…
Alana, your father and I discussed doing this very thing when we were in our 30s, while we still lived in Switzerland. The 'habits' of the Schwesterli looked like a good idea--not the pattern of their clothes, but the idea of the same outfit all the time. I am still inclined toward that simplicity. bjm
elizabeth said…
Yeah... simplicity is good... wishing you a really great day today.
Rebecca said…
Regarding #2: When you lose down to a new size, you get to change color? :)

I think what you are doing is great.
Blessed Rain said…
This sounds wonderful, when I lose a little more weight I think I will try this idea (more variety of colors but same type dress).
I am still a little to bulgy in the middle to want to wear a dress yet.
Keep up the project!
Alana said…

"lose down to a new size"???? ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm hoping my endocrinologist can shed some light on the situation. So, I'm waiting to hear back on some blood test results before making any all out effort (which in the past year or so has been utterly futile every time I've tried) to lose weight.
pinelopikappa said…
You could slowly add more colours and more dresses into your wardrobe, so you will get to keep them for a long time, and also develop a style. Apparently if you have more than one clothes of the same cut, you develop a style.
I mean, I don't know if you sew, but it would be great if you could built your own simple wardrobe. Find a great pattern for a dress with several variations (for sleeves or collars) and stick to it.
Lately I've been having the same thoughts on modesty and simplicity. But I also want to be a woman of my time, if you know what I mean. Sewing your own clothes means manual labour into them, few of them but of better quality, and a longer life for them. Not to mention you get to make them exactly as you like, as far as fitting is concerned.
Be strong!

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