Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Breaking my Own Rules

Well, I'm gonna have to break the rules of the brown dress experiment. Eeeeek. Here's what's happening: I signed up to try out Curves for a few sessions, for free, and this afternoon they want me to come in for a tour and fitness assessment (har har har! Fitness? more like how UNfit am I?). And they want me wearing workout clothes. Brown dress not included.

So, it's sweatpants, long sleeved t-shirt and sneakers for me at 3 pm.


tomorrow I'm going to see my allergist for my nut allergy testing. They are going to want my back exposed. If I wear my brown dress, the entirety of my back side will have to be exposed. If I wear a skirt and top, I can probably just remove my shirt. Skirt and top wins due to modesty issues. Even in a hospital gown.

So...Just for the sake of being up front, I thought I'd share.

I AM going to be glad when this is over.

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thegeekywife said...

Back when I was trying to wear only skirts, one of my exceptions was gym clothes. I was not about to go spend oodles of cash on a work out skirt when most of the exercises I do would have everyone seeing straight up my skirt,even if it did cover my knees! EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!

Hope the allergy test goes well and without too much skin irritation.