Wearing the Same Dress Every Day for a Month

This morning I stumbled across this very interesting (albeit a bit trite) article. The woman did an experiment in which she wore the same dress every day for a month. She did use different accessories, which almost seems like "cheating" on the experiment from my point of view (Why? I ask myself. I wonder what this says about me...he he.)

But it's interesting. Intriguing.

Would I do this experiment? It's an intriguing thought. Would I? Would I?


deb said…
That's nuthin'. There are also these two women who blogged about wearing the same dress every day for a year:


deb said…
Oops, I see your article references one of the blogs I mentioned. I should read more carefully before posting!
Mimi said…
I wouldn't because I'd have to do more laundry, grin!

Off to read...
lisa said…
I'd give it a shot!
Anonymous said…
Hubby and I are reading the "The Lessons from St. Francis" by John Michael Talbot. The first one is simplicity. It has inspired me to pare down. I have so much I do not wear, saving for a "special occasion" or something equally stupid. This weekend, I purpose to take the stuff to a charity.

Good luck with your endeavor.
deb said…
Actually, I do wonder why you think her use of accessories is like "cheating." Why?
Alana said…
Well, deb, that's just a first impression. I know that if I do a similar experiment, I would also use accessories.

But I would additionally want to make my project about embracing simplicity, a focus on the spiritual aspects of such an endeavor...no as much about trying to make the same dress look as different as possible...although that would be an element on some level regardless.

"Cheating" was perhaps the wrong word to use. It's just that I immdediately was drawn to such a project, albeit in a different way than it was presented in the article. Not to say that some of her insights weren't great. They were. In fact they inspired me to try this myself.

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