Tomorrow, I'm going to be on TV

It's not about me, though. It's about my chiropractor, Dr. Richard Ruel. He's asked a few of his patients to go on there with him and talk about how chiropractic has benefitted them.

If I'm lucky, I'll mostly be in the background, or better still, off camera. If I'm really really lucky, I won't make an ass of myself (as in donkey) but that's not likely to happen since I often get overly enthusiastic when I'm communicating about something I'm a fervent fan of, and then I look like a wildly gesticulating fool. And Chiropractic care is such a topic. I could gush about it. I hope I don't.

So, if you live in Louisville, it will be on Wave 3 Listens at 10 am tomorrow, October 20th. If you don't, sorryboutchyourluck, as we used to say back in college.

I'm forcing myself not to spend the day obsessing about it. Really.


thegeekywife said…
You'll do fine! :)

Gotta say "sorryboutchaluck" is loads better than what was said while I was in college...

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