Today I Must

get out and go for a walk at some point. The weather is fine and the trees around here are gorgeous. I want to stare at them and store up some colors in my heart to get me through winter, like the little mouse in the story whose title I can't remember.

In the same vein, I picked up some wool to make a hat, and it's varigated in all the best fall colors, so I'll take some of the fall with me when winter arrives.

We baked an pumpkin yesterday, let it cool, then scooped the seedes out, and processed the flesh: 13 cups. Of course we used some for pumpkin pie, but 8 cups went into the freezer for more pies later. We made the pie GAPS legal, and B's I did without a crust. It was very good. Sweetened with honey.

Other plans? Hmmm, need to get off here and start the kids' school day. Helping out at the food pantry later today, I think. Need to make a call to the Church office and reserve out spot for the retreat on Saturday with Mother Gabriella. I'm so excited! I LOVE Mother Gabriella. She is simply fantasticaly spiritual, simple and lovely, lovely, lovely. I visited Holy Dormitian Monastery last Lent, and that was so good to do. I think I left part of my heart there, as do most who visit, no doubt.


elizabeth said…
I love Mother Gabriella too... I hope to go over the Christmas holidays there again ... we are so blessed...
Anonymous said…
You sound happy. May it continue! :D (BTW - how on earth do you BAKE a PUMPKIN?? Whole, or cut in half, or what?)

Funny you should mention monasteries today, as I was just about to write a post on the one near us, which is St. John the Baptist in Essex. I have a big soft spot for that place.

xx M.

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