I have not been blogging much!

My apologies. Real life has gotten in the way. The truth is, lots of my erstwhile blogging/computer time has become my walking time instead. That being said, I need to NOT totally neglect my blog, but oh, there seems to be so little to write about.

I have lots of sewing projects lined up: Some mending, a baptismal gown for a 9 month old baby, and guiding B and M through their first real sewing projects. Now I just need to carve out some time dedicated to doing these things! Sewing gets done only when I write it into my calendar, I have learned.

Knitting: working on a pair of socks for a customer. Have not had a chance to do anything else for the promised etsy shop. Of course that's how it goes. I think "I can do this" and then suddenly get domestically overwhelmed with busyness.

In my kitchen: A new set of shelves that I stole from my son's room! They are perfect. Just the right amount of space to tidily and neatly get the things like the crockpot and blender off my counter tops, and to give ample room for onion basket, squash basket, fruit bowls and various jars like lacto-fermenting sauerkraut and sprouting alfalfa seeds.

I made the BEST lacto-fermented sauerkraut with purple cabbage this week! The taste is outstanding and the color just pops! It was done with kefir whey. I've finally gotten into the rhythm of pre-soaking my flour for quick breads and muffins, so that is a nourishing tradtions improvement. And I bought a food processor today. Looking forward to learning to use that. Bethany has been busy cutting and coring a big bowl full of crab apples that she picked off the decorative (for some) crab apple tree here in our apartment complex. They will make a fabulous applesauce in the crock pot overnight tonight.

In my home: A friend who is moving gave us three sets of shelves! So that's why I was able to steal my son's shelves for the kitchen: They got replaced. Additionally, I've been working on organizing my sewing corner with a new shelf unit as well.

My daughter B is busy growing things, and we have more plants around our house than ever before. I can't wait until they grow and get bigger. Plants give a room a peaceful and friendly look, don't you think? And they help purify the air.

A has been busy making more acorn faeries! She's very good at it. Now I have two separate tribes invading my living room.

In our homeschool: Nothing much new to report. Things are cruising along at a good pace. We should be having a meeting soon with the public school people to go over the results of the testing we put E and M through, to see whether they might have Asperger's syndrome. I think they do, but not much will change if they get a diagnosis.

Today, I discoverd GAPS legal bratwurst at Whole Foods! So, for dinner we had bratwurst, cabbage-n-onions, boiled potatoes and some of that wonderful purple sauerkraut. And mustard, of course. So yummy! Bethany had some butternut squash in place of the potatoes, to keep her meal GAPS legal.

My son had his name day this week, and fortunately for him there as a Divine Liturgy that morning, so I got him up early and we went to Church. Afterwards, we had cake. Happy name day, Thomas!

I have had lots of nice walks this week. The weather has been fabulous. Nice and cool. Today is the first day that it has rained, and the first time this year that it has felt like a fall rain! Cool raindrops. We have all the windows open and are enjoying the breezes.

Now my big question is: Do I want to spend my evening knitting or reading? Hmmmmm....


elizabeth said…
sounds like a lot of nice things going on for you! Good job with the walking!!

Many years to the names day son!

keeping you and family in my prayers.

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