Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anything I Can Do...

I find myself wondering every day this week if this will be the day? I even walked to the mailbox to check the mail...

I'm waiting for a package from Land's End. Yes, the irony does NOT escape me that I bought two dresses to do an experiment in simplicity. I know. But I did, so there. I don't really feel bad about that at all, since all my clothes are from the thrift store, or are old hand-me-downs, with the exception of maybe one thing.

I'm already finding myself bumping up against myself, in the sense that my thoughts keep going in the direction of my upcoming clothing experiment as I choose what to wear each day. I find that I'm gravitating to the plainer things, which also happen to be my favorites. Wearing them, as a temporary goodbye, because by the end of this week, or the beginning of next week, my month-long experiment will begin.

And the good thought that comes to mind as I mentally bump up against the looming of the experiment, is that I am greedy and need to consume less of many things. The clothing is perhaps an icon. I think the place in my life where I struggle the most with overconsumption is food. So I am conscious and aware, and that is a start, I suppose, towards repentance.

Anything I can do to make the whispers of that still small voice sound louder. And that is the spirit in which I will undertake to wear the same dress for a month.

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thegeekywife said...

totally agree about listening to that still small voice.