Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures of St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church

Here's where I go every Sunday to offer my worship to God.

I've been wanting to post pictures of our new parish home for a while now, but I'm not a good photographer. These were taken by Larry Vest, not by me.

This is a view of the nave and iconostasis from the choir loft.

It's easy to forget or take for granted how stunningly beautiful and huge this place is during the hubub of Sunday Divine Liturgy when loads of people are crowded in.

Orthodox worship and Orthodox worship space is intended to portray and participate in the worship that is going on in heaven, described in the book of Revelation. Much of the furnishings of our temple space are based on the furnishings of the tablernacle/worship space described in the Old Testament, with their fulfillment in Christ.

Christ, the Pantocrater-Ruler of All. The immensity of the icon in the dome is overwhelming. Dare I look up?

The Royal Doors are open and we can see the altar in the Sanctuary. The open doors remind us the the veil has been rent asunder, and Christ comes to us in His Body and His Blood-the Eucharist, meeting us.

Heaven touches Earth once again. But even with all the beauty of this building, and all the icons that remind us of the's the PEOPLE who are the Church.

And it's also really good for my humility to be a part of a parish I did not help to build.


emily said...

Absolutely beautiful ♥

thegeekywife said...

Stunning. I love looking at all the diff Orthodox churches.

Marigold said...

So beautiful. How come you have pews?

x M.

Coffee Catholic said...

I'll admit, I've never understood why any Christian would want to worship in a totally empty church ~ as in a church kept empty of sacred art on purpose, not because of a lack of funds. Because sure, there are poor churches that just plain cannot afford sacred art and that's fine.

But to have a church that is absolutely devoid of anything that, JUST as you said, helps you to see and think and feel the worship taking place in heaven at the same time... I don't know. I just don't get that. Especially when it comes from "bible christians" that must know the book of Rev. and what it says!

Your church is gorgeous. :-) Our Catholic church here is quite plain and I'm going to assume that this is because it was always poor. I don't want to know otherwise because if I found out that the church was decorated but then ended up gutted by the Feminists and Liberals I'd be so upset!

Alana said...

Why DO we have pews? Well, it's an Antiochian parish. Is that an answer? I don't know. I didn't build this one, I just moved here less than a year ago.

Most people do stand for most of the service, but there are some "sitting down parts" and it makes prostrations very very difficult during Lent.

Our smaller chapel that we use for daily services just has a few chairs around the edges.

Long answer for an "I don't know", it's just the way it is. ;-)

elizabeth said...

Beautiful! My first church did not have pews (really nice) but all my other churches have. It is good to pray in church and we are very blessed!

Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Amber said...

*That* is a beautiful church!

You can definately tell it's a space made for worship.

Thank you for sharing these with us!

Mimi said...

Wow! That is stunningly beautiful! Holy St. Michael, pray to God for your parish.

lisa said...

Did your parish have a good feast day for St. Michael? (Or is the Orthodox feast day different?) Ty's patron saint is Michael the Archangel.

Kyralessa said...

It's a beautiful church. But it'd be even *more* beautiful if you'd get rid of those pews.

(But I know how hard they are to get rid of; I was part of a parish once where each pew had a nameplate with the donor. Try removing *those* without making somebody mad!)