Look What My Sweetie Bought for Me!!!!

Wes went to Target. I knew they had stainless steel water bottles there for around ten dollars. Way cheaper than the SIGG water bottles for sale at Whole Foods. I batted my eyelashes and asked if he'd pick me out a bottle. They are, after all, much less expensive than the SIGG water bottles.

And I have not been drinking enough water lately. Just can't seem to force myself. And I've been feeling sickish, and whether or not that's part of the cause, I'm sure my current state of perpetual semi-dehydration does not help.

Back ground info: Ever since I saw the SIGG water bottles in plain red with the Swiss Cross on it many moons ago at the store, I've been very vocal about "If I ever have a SIGG [read: Never] water bottle, this is the kind I want." It was mere wishful thinking.

HA! Every once in a while, Wes seems to have a surprise up his sleeve.

Today he brought me home THE SWISS CROSS SIGG WATER BOTTLE (yes, I'm yelling)!!!!! Happy squeals.

So utterly unexpected. I feel loved.


Has said…
I'm not familiar with this kind of bottle. Apart from looking really cool, what's special about it?
Alana said…
It is stainless steel, reusable, an alternative to grabbing a bottle of water at the store (think of the waste), and the liner's been tested to be BPA free.

...and it has the Swiss Cross on it!

Alana said…
My bad. The bottle is lined aluminum, not stainless steel.
Dollymama said…
Aw! I love unexpected gifts that show that the giver has been listening and thinking of me. :) SO glad for you to get that blessing today!!
::Sylvia:: said…
Cool bottle! I love those, I did find a couple for the boys at TJ Maxx for like $6 but have not found an affordable one for me yet! Totally jealous of yours and am off to check out the sigg site (my nameday is coming up after all) :)

Drink up!!
Mimi said…
Enjoy! Whooooooot!
Liz in Seattle said…
You have a very cool husband :-)

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