Saturday, September 12, 2009

Headcovering of the Day

I didn't wear a scarf to the pro-life walk this morning. I'll admit that my own insecurity and desire to "fit in with the crowd" played a part in that decision. Also, I'm signing up to be registered as one of the adult "leaders" with the American Heritage Girls troop my girls have joined (aka-they need an officially registered parent who is already planning on attending camp outs with her kids so they can comply with their "two deep" policy) which will involve me wearing a bit of a uniform: Blue logo shirt and khaki bottoms (have fabric, will sew skirt).

So how does a head covering fit into that? I'm still trying to figure it out.

I feel like sometimes the headcovering is a barrier between me and other people.

But after I got home, something fabric-like did wander onto my head, even as I had to wander back out to the grocery store.

These are my ups and downs.


Veiled Glory said...

Cute and not a barrier at all. :) IMHO

Anonymous said...

This look very youthful, this style fits you well. Doesn't this qualify as headcovering?


Anonymous said...

This is totally, completely unrelated to your blog post, but I thought I'd share since you home school and you may very well be interested. There is a place that makes for nice day trips (for those in Louisville) called Conner Prairie in the Indianapolis area. It's an interactive history museum on prairie life and they have activities for home schooling families.

Coffee Catholic said...

Trust me, the more you wear a headcovering the easier it gets. It takes time, that's for sure ~ but don't give up! I struggled for years with head coverings and now I can wear one and although I feel like a circus freak if people gape I don't feel it getting to me hardly at all! Though I'll admit that I often overheat so badly while pregnant that I sometimes leave the coverings at home.

I have really big square and rectangle Muslim head scarves, lace mantillas, kapps, mob caps, and sunbonnets. I love sun bonnets for those days when I don't feel like wrestling a scarf onto my huge head and equally huge, bushy hair.

I found that having a variety of head coverings really helped when I was having one of those insecure days. Then I'd maybe wear something a bit less IN YOUR FACE but still manage to wear something.

Keep this in mind. It's very important: Up until 40 years ago ***women covering their heads was the norm***

It wasn't until very recently that ohhhh say, **ten thousand years** of wise tradition was thrown out of the window. For no other reason then pure rebellion against God and spite against men.

So you're not behaving abnormally or "looking for attention" or any of the other nonsense that insecure (and guilt-ridden) women will try and claim against you!

God bless!!

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. Don't let society or other people make you feel as if your headcovering is creating a barrier between you and other people.

If someone is so insecure/guilty/or just plain RUDE that they can't handle a chunk of cloth on your head then that is THEIR problem. Not yours. THEY are the ones causing the barrier. Not you.