Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well, Wes and Eric are off in the wilds, camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend, so it's been "just us girls". We planned to make the most of it. The wonderful thing is, no one watched cartoons this morning, and that was nice. We all agreed that we pretty much hate Saturday morning cartoons. It must be a "guy thing"...

So we went to the farmer's market and got our chicken and a couple of dozen eggs. Honey, some local cheese, and some squash, a tomato, and a bunch of radishes and some ground cherries. Those were new and different. We like them.

The biggest thing on our agenda: Getting our apartment clean. I made a list and we tackled those jobs. While we did not get all of them done, I worked until past the end of my energy. The girls worked, too. And our place looks a great deal better. I'm grateful for their help. It's humbling to know that my health isn't good enough for me to clean my whole house. I didn't get Eric room done, nor my own bedroom. Nor the bathroom floors, but everything else got done.

So this afternoon, we wanted to do something fun but not strenuous because of my fatigue. So, I took the girls to Baskin Robbins (my ten year old didn't even KNOW what Baskin Robbin's WAS...that's how often we don't ever do this) and then we went and saw UP at the discount theater which is near our house. We enjoyed it, we guess. But each of us cried. A pixar movie about loss and grief and hope and moving on. So sad. Not my fave film of all time. And I dont' like heights, so even a pixar version of dizzying heights....eeeew. Of course I wasn't expecting too much, since I also didn't care for Finding Nemo or Mosters, Inc. What is it with me?

Anyways, we came home to a crockpot full of chicken and veggies and a clean house and a very quiet evening. That would have been nice until things degenerated into a bit of a fight in the girls' room and I had at least an hour of post-bedtime-tears-and-hugs-pre-adolescent-angsty conversation with my youngest. I guess it was time to really be a parent. Those sorts of things make me tired, and I really started missing Wes. Badly. He's so much better at that stuff than I am.

So here I sit. Missing Wes. I made a pan of brownies. On the same day I had ice cream. What is with me? I ate just one piece and didn't go back for more, but it wasnt' all that small.

So, there's my day. I also spent quite a bit of time detangling and balling up some wool we dyed at the nature dying workshop we went to yesterday. The colors did not take as well as I'd hoped, so we got pastels instead of brights. I didn't have time to pre-wash the wool, and that might have been the difference. But here it is. Detangling was good prayer time, so that at least is something good.

The pink/beige is a combination of pokeberry and black walnut. We soaked half of that skein in each. The yellow is a combo of pokeberry and way more marigold. I have no idea what the smaller ball in front was dipped in. Perhaps blueberries that did not take at all. Many of the t-shirts people were dyeing came out much brighter than these colors. It was a fun workshop, and by going to it yesterday we discovered another nature preserve right here in Louisville which is fantastically lovely. I can't wait to go visit there again. We also met some folks, which was nice.

I don't usually find myself in this situation, but I now have quite a stash of wool to knit up! Woo hoo!

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Hezra said...

so start knitting lady!! I am sorry you are feeling blue. wish it were the yarn istead of you. . . ok if you must know, I have read too much Pooh. . . sorry
tomorrow is another day. AND you get to face it with a clean apartment and good food in the house! Good job!