Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Bit More than Nothing

I decided to wear a pedometer yesterday, to see how many steps I get in a normal day. Yesterday was actually a busy-normal day, since it was the day I go to get the milk (but that's a drive not a walk), and the day I go grocery shopping: Kroger and Whole Foods. Additionally, my friend took me to a thrift store and we wandered around there for a little while.

The result, even with all the shopping I did, which left me utterly exhausted by the way:

Just a little more than 5000 steps!

That's really really bad, y'all! That's sedentary.

I'm so out of shape I almost have lost the will to do anything about it. I certainly have gotten to the point of not believeing it is possible for me to be fit. I keep hitting that wall of pain and fatigue that I can't get past. Stinkin' Fibroymalgia!

So, what's this old gal to do?

When I figure it out, perhaps I'll blog about it. Meanwhile, two changes I will make: I will start wearing better shoes instead of those don't-walk-in-me flip flops I've been wearing all summer, and I will start wearing my pedometer, and try to inch my daily step count up very very slowly.

The all-or-nothing approach that I've always gone for in the past clearly seems to settle most often on the "nothing" side of things.

So here's the plan: A bit more than "nothing".


Anonymous said...

You need to alternate days of aerobic exercise with weight training. You WILL get in shape.

elizabeth said...

Good for you! Don't give up :)

Is there anyone you know who you can do a few-times-week walk with? Sometimes having someone to walk with is helpful.

I am lucky that I live downtown and have no car, so I have to walk to the store, church. I may have to move out of downtown for a while, which will mean I will have to be more intentional to keep walking.

It takes 28 days to build a habit, they say. I need more good habits as well.

Laura said...

Slow and steady wins the race. Hang in there!

mamajuliana said...

I agree with losing the flip flops...a nice sturdy sneaker or walking shoe will help lots!

You can do it! Just take your time!

Anonymous said...

I've never had a pedometer that actually worked correctly. Maybe I've just bought cheapies. But could it be possible that yours isn't accurate, and you walked more than you think you did?

Also agree with losing the flip-flops. You may be surprised how much of your fatigue could be traced to them. Good arch support makes a world of difference.

Has said...

I've come to the conclusion that one needs a hobby or activity that is exercise but that one doesn't view as exercise. There's got to be some kind of sport or something out there that I would look forward to and that would get my heart pumping. I'm still looking.

gemma said...

A little more than the day before. That's the ticket.