Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Yes, I am that Fabulous--I got picked!

Amber over at Little Steps Home listed my blog here as one of her top five picks, so now I'm participating in a fun meme. I guess I will have to out myself, on what blogs I check the most eh?

But first, my top five obsessions in no particular order and not including Orthodox Christianity, which is my Faith, not an "obsession":

1. Food. I've been doing lots of Weston A. Price foundation type of reading lately, and trying to get healthier with the food our family consumes. Nourishing Traditions, GAPS diet for B, all that sort of thing. Have to get back to reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, even though it's preaching to this choir and I'm already convinced. Also in this category: I recently watched Food, Inc. That movie will give you the shudders if you aren't already familiar with the food industry. A good introduction to that topic.

2. History. I love history. I'm currently reading three, count them...THREE different History books. One is very almost-current, called The Coming Storm...about global warming and the history of the political response to that phenomenon. It was published in 2001, so it's a bit dated, but it's interesting to get a macro-overview of the weather weirdness in the 1990's, knowing that since then we've had lots MORE global warming related weather weirdness, like hurricane Katrina, etc. I'm also reading The Great Upheaval..1788-1800: USA, France and Russia during that time period. Very interesting. Third history book that I have going: The Copernican Revolution. It's sort of on the back burner, but I'll get back to it.

3. Classic Literature. A new interest. Currently reading Jane Eyre. Have plans to read Middlemarch next, as I really am enjoying this author. This goes along with homeschooling my kids and me needing to educate myself a bit so that I can help them along.

4. I have a fascination with plain dress and/or headcoverings as a means of spiritual expression, and what it means for various religious groups and various persons who practice that. It is interesting to me that what the doers of these practices say about it, and what others who are interpreting their practices say about it are very often diametrically opposed.

5.The Louisville Zoo. I just love going there. I think I go there almost every week. If I had time, I'd go more often. I like the walk, there are some nice hills there, and I love seeing the animals. Something is new and different every time we go. Very refreshing.

Ok, now what are my top five blogs that I visit?

Well, there is Food Renegade. See point number one, above. And in the same vein, there is Organic and Trifty. Those are my top two favorite food blogs, and I do check them often.

I visit Veiled Glory quite a bit because Anna has become a dear internet friend. I hope to meet her in person someday. I like reading what she thinks, and hearing her perspectives on things.

I have for years enjoyed sneaking regular peaks at Paradosis. An Orthodox blogger who lives in a part of the country that's so far away it almost doesn't seem like America, and which therefore fascinates me. I seriously would like to live in the Northwest someday and so I peek into the mists, winds, waves and tall pine trees of the greater Seattle Area through the window of that blog. The fact that his posts are intelligent and thought provoking don't hurt, either.

And my list would not be complete without confessing that I do love me a good sewing blog now and again, so on that note I will put up Cheri's blog, A Joyful Handmaiden. Such delicious aprons! Such pretty fabrics! Such skill she has! I visit her blog to get inspired with my sewing yens. Currently am teaching my two teenagers to sew. Must get my machine serviced soon.


Veiled Glory said...


I gets to come over! Must plan the grand field trip to L-ville, with possible stop in WV for a monk visit. :D

Alana said...

Or we could meet up in WV someday! Pilgrimage time! I was there last fall for the feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. That's their pilgrimage weekend. ;-)

Mimi said...

You come visit me, we'll drive up and see Paradosis.