Of course I have to have more than one book going at once. Still working on the history book, have been neglecting the book about the Copernican Revolution (but will get back to it when my current history read is done) but right now I'm also really enjoying reading Jane Eyre.

Why, why, why???? did no one force me to read this wonderful book before now? I love the style in which it is written. I also like the slight creepy/gothic factors on the plot line. I'll admit that what got me started on it was the fact that Wes and I have been watching the BBC miniseries over Netflix streaming at night (finished it last night), and that got me wanting to read the book.

I think the next novel I will seek out will be Middlemarch. And then I think I might give House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne a go. Who knows? Of course, one of my students is going to be reading The Scarlet Letter this year, and I was never forced to read that in High School, either, so I'd best get that one read as well. Probably sooner, rather than later.

Oh, it's late, I'm tired, need to go exercise and have NOT A CLUE what I should make for supper. Sandwiches, anyone?


elizabeth said…
Nice! I read Jane Eyre a few years ago...

I just watched a TV movie on FDR called Warm Springs and it was nice; simple and encouraging when faced with adversity.
Mimi said…
I first read it a few years ago (during Lent, IIRC) and I agree - it's a fantastic book.
Anonymous said…
I love all of those books! Great choices- I don't think you'll regret them. The coolest thing was reading The House of the Seven Gables and then actually going there when I was younger.
The Scarlet Letter was one of my all-time favorites! Just a note for your student ... the first chapter is a bear - most of my fellow students gave up and didn't read the book, but if one can't get the first chapter, skip it ... the rest of the book is awesome!
thegeekywife said…
I read Jane Eyre in 8th grade (partly b/c I knew it was such a difficult book and I wanted to be a show-off.) I still have it, but have not re-read it.

Scarlet Letter-- I remember very little about it, though I had to write a short high school paper (3 pages, probably) on it.

Tried a few times in high school to read 7 Gables but never got far.

I firmly believe that good classic books are a must for education. :)
Monica said…
oh yes - I'm a big fan of Middlemarch and Jane Eyre - had to read Jane Eyre senior year of high school.

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