Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of Shape...Again.

Somehow I never exercise as much during the summer as I think I will before summer happens, or as much as I ought to. I think it is because of the brain-and-body-melting heat. I am so grateful for Air Conditioning. Yes, I am! Too bad that melting heat doesn't be useful and melt of some extra pounds, bwa ha.

So, now that school is back in session, and we are having a wonderful first week of cracking open crinkly new textbooks and reveling in the speed of our new pencil sharpener, I've decided I need to walk the thirty yard distance over to the apartment complex exercise room and walk on the treadmill. Yes that's right. I use heat as an excuse when all summer long there's a nice air conditioned exercise room sitting there, thirty yards from my door. Really.

Just thirty minutes. On a treadmill. Which forces me to walk a bit faster and at least at a consistent rate, than I would out on the hot baking sidewalk. Thirty minutes a day. A nice routine, wouldn't it be?

Well, that's my goal.


elizabeth said...

That's a great goal!

My love to you!

Oh, and I LOVE opening new books... sigh... so nice...

Amber said...

I think that's an excellent goal. :)

thegeekywife said...

You can do it! :)

I am in a similar boat and actually was thinking about blogging about exercise today! Then I log in and see your post.

Peace, J

Mimi said...

Best wishes! I only have to walk to the end of my bed and turn right, and yet I don't.

Veiled Glory said...

Yay treadmills! :-)