The Bible in the Divine Liturgy

Here's a really neat link. Someone went all through the Liturgy of St. John Chrisostom and worked up the scriputre references to all of it.

Be blessed!


elizabeth said…
very cool! thanks for this!
Mimi said…
Ooooh, thank you. We are teaching about the Divine Liturgy in Church School this year, this will be very helpful.
thegeekywife said…
oh how wonderful! I've been re-taking an inquirer's class this summer and have enjoyed soaking up loads of info! I've bookmarked the site and can think of no less than 3 ppl with whom I must immediately share it! thank you thank you thank you!

thegeekywife said…
I hope you don't mind, but I created a post that links to your post. (if so, I will edit it of course)

Peace, Janelle

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