Psychiatrist Woes

I don't like my daughter's psychiatrist, and I'm just about to the point-after six months of putting up- of finding a different doctor.

But sometimes a known annoyance is better than the unknown. How do I know I'm going to find a good replacement? Another reason I've been staying around is because the therapist is so nice and wonderful. But the doctor herself: I'd give her a D.

Does not listen to us. Does not discuss meds and side effects...basically she just throws one prescription after another at us. She's slow on the uptake when Bethany is not doing so well (stems from not being a good listener). No discussion about how things are interacting, or what side effects of these various meds might be. Me: "Bethany is dizzy all the time." "So, she's drowsy, you say." (while her back is turned and she's scribbling on a tablet) "No, she's dizzy. And non functional."

And although this is not her fault per se, it also drives me crazy that the current state of psychiatric medicine and the understanding of root causes (there is none) is rather medieval compared to other fields of medicine. I have these huge questions in my mind and there just aren't any answers.

It's like every one just wants to make the voices go away, regardless of what might be causing them. Almost makes me want to run off to medical school with a specialty in psychiatric research or somesuch.

Instead, God chose to make me a caregiver. And this is not a job that will magically go away in three years when my dd turns eighteen.

I think it might be time to find a NAMI support group or something. At least there, people might be able to recommend who the good doctors are, as opposed to the bad ones. At least at a NAMI group, there would be people who understand, people who are in the same boat and folks who know all the resources in this community that we could be taking advantage of.


elizabeth said…
I am sorry to hear of this added struggle. Lord have mercy. And a side effect of dizziness, wow.

You and B are prayed for at my church and you are all on my prayer wall.

Lord have mercy.
Alana said…
Thank you. That means so much to me. I'm a rather fried caregiver/mom right now. I get this way when B's meds are ineffective.
Anonymous said…
Hi Alana.
I just stumbled upon your blog today and noticed this post. Good psychiatrists are ridiculously difficult to find. NAMI might very well be a help. I'm just glad to hear that you are concerned and doing your best for your daughter. If your insurance situation is anything like mine was, you should be able to visit a different psychiatrist without severing the connection to your current one. You and your daughter deserve respect in this very personal and difficult endeavor. I had some terrible psychiatrists as a teenager, and from that experience, I would urge you to find a better one if you are able.

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