My own little "Real Food Wednesday"

This week I made the ranch dressing described by Cheeseslave. Of course I had to also make a cherry pie/cobbler type thingy after I read her wax eloquent about pie crust. Mmmmm, blogging hero worship. I only had regular lard, but that is at least an improvement over partially hydrogenated lard, or even worse, Crisco!

Wednesday, is also the day I order my real milk, eggs, and such from my farmer. Milk, butter, liver and beef (all grass fed, of course) at prices that are either lower or comparable to grocery store prices. Win, win, win on so many counts! Doing my part to be supporting the agrarian lifestyle, one farm family at a time, baybee! That always makes me feel really good. And the food's good too.

What was for dinner? Well, I made a fabulous veggie bake:

2 zucchini, sliced (local)
2 egg plants, peeled and sliced (also local)
garlic nibs in generous quantities, cut up (yet again, local)
organic italian pasta sauce
coconut oil (not so local) on the bottom of the pan and drizzled over the top.

Bake all in a 9x13 pan. I served this with pasta. I know. Pasta is not the "perfect real food", but then again, neither am I perfect.

I had some homemade chicken broth at lunch (a salad with some of that homemade ranch dressing) because I'm sick with a cold. May have another mug of that before bed.

Ok, enough with blogging about food.


Katie said…
Oh, girl! Give yourself some grace for eating pasta :) you are cooking FAR better food than you used to (judging by your past posts) and I applaud your great efforts!!
gemma said…
Great fooding! Love the fresh from the farm produce. We don't get that too often but tis the season for roadside stands around here and we take advantage. Your veggie bake sounds fabulous.

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