Just a Day

Today I spent lots of time cleaning the girl's room. With three of them in a smallish room, there's not any space for extra junk. Each girl has her own bed, a tall bookshelf and a drawer in the one chest of drawers, and closet space for hanging clothes. There's also some space at the top of the closet for big containers of things they are almost grown out of like dress-up clothes and doll stuff. Now, their shelves contain mostly books, figurines, icons, and CD/Tapes. There's a craft basket, a yarn container, and the beads got sorted and stashed at the top of the closet as well. My kids are definitely growing up!

And I'm so very very grateful that with three girls sharing a fairly small room, they get along very well and don't fight.

I've basically decided that Bethany needs to be on the GAPS diet in order to improve her health, but I need to wait until Wes is completely on board with it. Meanwhile, I've pulled her off grains of all kinds, and am feeding her probiotic/fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut (homemade, of course). Sigh. I get so impatient, and I hate waiting.

I think I'm filled with back-to school fervor and I really want to get all my ducks in a row, the apartment all ship-shape, etc.

I've also decided that I want to get into the habit of gratitude, so at the end of each blog post I will try to list five different things I'm grateful for.

Today I'm grateful for:

Kids that get along with each other.
That no one got bit by the black widow spider Ariana found on our back patio yesterday.
Air conditioning.
My nice comfy green chairs.
Stuff God is teaching me.


elizabeth said…
Thank God no one was bit by the spider.

I hear the wanting everything to be fixed now; I am also being told, as much as I want it, well it comes with time... Sigh.

Did you know the Herbert the Snail song "have patience?" My sister had a tape, years later, that had this impatient rabbit (or something) telling God in this fast paced song that he wanted patience and wanted it now. SIGH. It is hard to wait, hey?

I am trying to learn to be more thankful as well... I think this also combats negative thoughts...

My continued love and prayers.

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