The Interloper at the Farmer's Market

A few weeks ago, I had to make a run into a major chain store to buy some paper products. While I was there, I looked around and really noticed something that I'd seen before, all the time, but had never paid attention to.

I think it was the contrast that struck me.

You see, for a very long forever, my food budget felt tied to shopping at the major chain store. I felt like I had no choice. But now, somehow, without increasing my food budget, I'm shopping in a radically different way and not spending more money.

There's been a shift. But I digress from the point I'm going to make which I've not gotten to yet.

The contrast that really struck me, was that ALL the people who were shopping for food at this major chain store looked really really unhealthy. The fat ones (most of them were obesee) were very obese. The thin ones had that coffee-and-cigarrettes too-thin emaciated look with bad hair. Poor skin tone. The whole package. Everyone looked tired.

That's when I decided: I'm not buying food here anymore. I have other options.

You see, when I go down to the farmer's market, when I observe the other families who are getting their raw grass fed "pet food" milk from the farmer, and when I look around at the folks who frequent whole foods there's just a different look about people. People are healthier. Better skin, better hair. Less obesity. (Now, just the fact that I'm shopping there means that there surely is some fact, I rather feel like an interloper at the farmer's market).

And although I could easily attribute it to socioeconomic differences, I think really it's nutritional. Because like I said: My food budget's the same.

I'm glad it's a free country, and I'm glad that even though I feel like an interloper, really I'm not. I'm just a shopper like everyone else.


There really is a striking difference in the people who shop at our supermarket versus the farmers market my husband and I run together. I can't help but to peek into people's baskets. There's a lot more joy to be had at farmers market too - the kids, the music, the sunshine.
elizabeth said…
Continue to be kind to yourself; yes, you are not an interloper; I am glad you have found a good farmers market;

I love them too, though I do not go to one, I do try to make good things and I love buying free range eggs from a local non-chain shop. (I must admit also that when I was going to be charged over 4.00 for two big tomattoes, I went somewhere else; yet I do see how this fresh food is so much better than a lot of imported food!!).

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