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Sometimes I wish I had a food blog. Lately this blog has almost been a food blog, but not quite. I don't know if I'll ever get there, but part of me really wishes I could be one of that chic club of organic locovores who are amazing, who cook, who write well about it, and who are food renegades.

I'm talking about, and, among others.

But I'm too new at this. And I'm fat.

And being fat, I feel like I'm totally and utterly disqualified to talk in a reasonable way about healthy food and actually get an audience to listen to what I say, even if I'm saying the exact same things as all these appropriately-weighted writers who are saying the same things.

Who wants to read a food blog about being healthy that's written by a fat person? Nobody, that's who. Because obviously whatever I'm doing has not been being done long enough to make a difference...or at least not a difference that counts in the way of our sick society's one-and-only measure of health: Body weight.

This makes me infinitely sad. I hate being fat. I hate Eating disorder/disordered eating, thinking about it, obsessive thoughts about it, all of it. Hate, hate, hate this aspect of me. Working on it, getting help for it, but you know: Some things I can do and some things are out of my control. I can (and do) exercise. I can watch what and how much I eat (which I also do), but I can't MAKE my body get thinner. And so far, all the controlled portions, healthy oils and whatnot are doing such slow good that no one can tell. Not even me. At least not on the scale. Well, maybe three pounds.

But my skin and hair...they sure look great.


Veiled Glory said…
Have you seen The Skinny Online? She is fun and positive to read.

Anyhoo, I need to recover from binging on fair food and plan for better meals in the very near future. ;-)
Has said…
Alana you write very well and are SO refreshingly honest. In a good way, not in a cliche way. Please don't be so hard on yourself (although that's part of being honest I guess). I enjoy reading what you write about nutrition and cooking, and it never occurred to me to discount what you say because you are overweight.
elena said…
I think Mario Batali, that guy that writes about Italian food is way more overweight than you...

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