Monday, June 15, 2009

Yesterday morning we got up at 4 am so that we could get to Liturgy at 5 am. An extra Divine Liturgy was being held in the chapel so early because a big group of kids from St. Michael's were getting on a charter bus and heading off to camp. That's the advantage of having two altars and multiple priests in one parish.

I stood there in the parking lot with tears in my eyes. For some reason, it was hard to let them go. Bethany wasn't able to go to camp this year, because she's too sick. But of the others, I think I'm the most worried about Eric having a good time, as he is rather rigid and aspie-ish and high strung.

I know they arrived safely because I got a call from Ariana that they were there. She was over the moon ecstatic, and had lost a tooth on the bus ride. And I was so glad to learn that no one was left behind at the rest areas on the road. Terrible "mommy toughts" about bus wrecks and about the chaperones not doing role call after the kids stop for lunch or whatnot were bombarding my brain.

I'm going to try to have a nice time while they are gone. I can tell B likes the peace and quiet, and so do I. Today: Swimsuit shopping. Ugh, ugh, triple-ugh.


mamajuliana said...

Swimsuit poor dear!

Have a good two weeks with your daughter! Our daughter didn't go to the Village this year for camp either. I was unsure about two weeks away-she has Down syndrome (and some other issues going on right now)

I just love the camp and it is very close to our house-about an hour...I hope your kiddos have a great time there!

elizabeth said...

I hope this time can be special for you.

I totally can relate to fearful thoughts.

I gave your and B. names for prayer this past weekend for the prayers in liturgy.

My love to you this day! :)

Mimi said...

What a blessing! Prayers for safe travels, and a blessed and prayerful camp!