Friday, June 12, 2009


There's been so much to do lately, that I have not been keeping up with my blog. And it's all piddly stuff. I guess God is calling me to be the queen of piddly stuff right now in my life. Meal preparations, laundry, getting kids ready for camp, cheering a friend up on the phone...that sort of thing.

And you know what? I have no deep thoughts on any subject. None. Except maybe that schizophrenia sucks. And I can't really blog all my thoughts on the subject, out of respect for privacy and all that. Wish I could.


mamajuliana said...

Praying for you-and your family.

Hey, lets hear it for the piddly things...if it were not for us at home doing the piddly would it get done?

...and remember, you're right where you're supposed to be!

"Everything you do, all your work, can contribute towards your salvation. It depends on you, on the way you do it. History is replete with monks who became great saints while working in the kitchen or washing sheets. The way of salvation consists in working without passion, in prayer…. May God give you the strength to keep your spirit, your mind, and your heart in the spirit of Christ. Then everything that happens to you can very quickly be radically transformed. What was tiresome and discouraging will disappear, transfigured by your desire to be there where Christ your God is." Elder Sophrony

elizabeth said...

I think the 'normal hum drum' of life is also important...

privacy is good; important. You have said enough for us (esp. your longer time readers) to know of the situation and that it is hard.

My love and my small prayers.

margi said...

The woman I work for is one of the world's foremost researchers into schizophrenia and I hear things from her that break my heart and I pray for your daughter always because I have had voices (thanks be to God they went away) and I will never forget the sheer,lonely terror of them. Even now I hear things I know I should not, sanely speaking, hear, yet in Christ there is grounding reality.

margi said...

And, yep, the piddly stuff needs done. The way I look at it is this, all you gals, all the world over, up to your elbows in piddly stuff, are somehow cosmically substituting for the likes of me who can manage the Hours and Typika but whose sink is full, whose clothesline is overgrown with rambling rose (I have tights on it I will never wear again - they are forever emeshed with the rose) and whose culinary skills are summed up in Phanouropita because, yes, you've guessed, if I had a husband and kids I'd forget them on the No. 45 bus ;-) I fantasise about piddly stuff and it looks me square in the eye and says, "C'mon then," and I dither and make another cup of coffee. On t'other hand, I can pick up spiders, unblock drains and pick locks; if you're ever in Edinburgh and find yourself faced with an unbearably big bug then I'm your woman but, that aside, I really do admire mothers and wives - you give the rest of us the world we live in.

geekywife said...

As a very struggling woman trying to be a good homemaker (as one would be a good accountant or a good physical therapist or whatever), I find comfort in the fact that women are also just doing piddly things. It can be very discouraging when all you seem to do is piddly things.
So, keep posting the piddly things, as it encourages those of us who need to hear about it (and who are tired of reading "homemaking is the best thing ever" smug blogs.)

Peace to you and your fam, Janelle