Monday, June 01, 2009

Official First Day of Summer Break

and we cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. The kids did more work than I did. Woot!

It feels good to have a clean place. Now I have less than two weeks to get everyone's stuff ready for camp.

I have fabric for a blouse to sew, and lots and lots of labels to make and iron into people's clothes. And some shopping to do.

Plans for the summer:

-Kids to camp for two weeks (which means Wes and I are solo for two. whole. weeks.--unless we have to pick B up after one week, depending on how she's doing at camp.)
-Getting last year's school papers organized and filed
-purchasing next year's home school text books and supplies
-Kids to spend time with cousins and grandparents
-ADD/LD/ASD social group (and mom support group) to form, people to get to know, etc.
-lots of long healthy walks
-trips to the park, zoo, pool, library
-the enjoyable reading of good books
-more food renegade type of cooking and learning to do
-farmer's markets, u-pick berry patches, etc.
-celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary (Wow, those numbers just get bigger and bigger!)

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Lots of good things here! Yay! for a clean apartment!! I am almost done cleaning mine (again) and it sure feels great. :)

I hope the camp will work for everyone. Am seeking to remember B. in my small prayers.