Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Opportunities

Pray for me. It seems that after a time of settling in, I have some opportunities developing in my life for service, that coordinate with stuff that naturally is going on around here.

One thing that's developing is that a bunch of us homeschooling moms have gotten together and formed a new group called Alphabet Soup Homeschoolers. We are each of us teaching our special needs kids at home and have been in need of support and encouragement. We chose the name Alphabet Soup because we wanted to include anyone who has special challenges, regardless of diagnosis. LD, ADD, ADHD, AS, Autism, Downs, etc.

It's really great to sit at the park and socialize with other moms who get it because they are in the same trenches. The opportunity to really serve is revolving around the fact that some of us think it would be a good idea to actually form a co-op social skills class for our kids. I really want to be involved in this effort, and am excited about the possibilities. Everything is embryonic right now, but I do appreciate prayers. We need a meeting room and we need to choose a curriculum or social skills book to work through. I'm not thoroughly familiar with all that is out there, but have begun to research.

As I move forward next school year with getting as much of a diganosis for Eric and Maia as I can, I hope that doing something like this will be a way that something good and grace filled can come out of something painful and sad.

The other opportunity that's been presented to me is not something very big or hard at all, and it's also not something for this blog. But a prayer that God would give me wisdom on making a decision would nonetheless be appreciated.

I've been meeting so many new people and making new friends lately, and getting closer than casual to at least one person, and I feel really really blessed by that.

This week Bethany and I (the kids are still at camp) have been taking walks at the St. Matthew's Mall, since it's been really really hot outside. I've also enjoyed the long hours of quiet that having the kids at camp has caused, and have done more reading than usual. I like to read, and right now I have my nose in at least three books, along with various blogs and keeping up with the news over the internet.

Good things, all of it.

~blessings on your day~


Laura said...

Hi, Alana,

I'm glad that God is blessing you with unique opportunities to serve others. As for the social skills, check out Denise Mannix on I use her stuff with my students who are on the autism spectrum.

elizabeth said...

You and your family are in my prayers. My love to you.

Mimi said...

What a wonderful post, as I love to hear these opportunities are presenting to you!


margi said...

You have my prayers.

pilgrimhen said...

I am interested in learning more about your ABC homeschool group. I am in Shelby Co and have a 5 yo with Down syndrome. Not sure if I can participate, but would like to hear about it.