Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Time is Not My Own

I have the old "praise chorus" running through my head this morning, from back at my Belmont Church (Charismatic, non-denominational) days..."I'm not my own, I'm thine. You purchased me, I'm thine. Bought with a price, the blood of Jesus. I'm not my own, I'm thine."

You see, I have the "day off". Three of my kids are at camp, and B is at her friend's house for a two night sleepover. Tomorrow I go pick up the girls and they come here for a two night sleepover at our good times had by the girls this week. I hope to take them to the zoo, hopefully to the pool if the weather cooperates. We have some movies. Hope they don't get bored with each other.

But already my day off is filling up rapidly. I gave a friend of mine a ride to Matins this morning. I woke up at 6:24 and was lying in bed wondering if I could think of an excuse not to get my sorry carcass out of bed and go to Matins, since it was close to 1 am when I actually fell asleep, when at 6:26 my phone ring. My friend said: "God told me to call you and tell you to go to Matins this morning." "So, you need a ride, huh?" I do wonder if it was really God or just her needing a ride, but God does work in less-than-mysterious ways sometimes, and I truly am grateful, and a bit chagrined that that's what it took to get me up. I think I value my "beauty rest" a bit too much sometimes.

So, plans for today include helping my friend with a small sewing project and making some freezer waffles, tidying up the house, and hopefully settling down for a long comfy read. But knowing me, I'd like a serious alone time stint at a good-sized thrift store somewhere as well.

Yesterday after I took B to Lexington, I came back to an afternoon long meeting of a new group that's forming: Alphabet Soup. It's a support group for moms who are homeschooling special needs/spectrum kids. ADHD, AS, LD, PDDNOS, that sort of thing. And last night, after Vespers and out to chinese food, Wes and I finally sat down and figured out exactly what books to buy for next year's homeschooling. God is gracious and provides what we need, and I think we have an affordable and workable plan for next year. But ordering we will have to wait a bit on.

Ahhhh. For now, though, I'd better get my caffeinated self off of here and over to the chiropractor.

What would you do if you had a day without your normal responsibilities?

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deb said...

Just for the record, and with the intent of gently encouraging you not to deride yourself so much for having normal physical needs, feeling like you want more sleep after only 5.5 hours is not "valuing your 'beauty rest' a bit too much." It's just needing enough sleep!

I hope your kids have a wonderful time at camp, and that B has a likewise wonderful time with her friend. You're such a good mom, with real sensitivity to your kids' individual needs. I'm quite in awe of you, frankly.

Oh, and the special needs homeschooling support group sounds wonderful. So glad you can plug into that. May all you moms in that group take good care of each other! And my prayers are with you.

My kids are away from home this week, too. I'm trying to declutter some zones in the house that have been neglected, like certain drawers, a closet, stuff like that. And some gardening, if it stops raining. And reading some books, if I peel myself away from the stupid time-sucking internet for a change.