Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Musical Muse

Today I figured out how to do a bunch of chords on the keyboard. Did I mention that Eric has been praying for a piano or a keyboard for a while now, and God provided one for us at affordable Thrift store prices...a REALLY good one, too. Along with a stand. So it has a spot against the wall in our dining room.

I've been enjoying resurrecting some very very rusty and non-existent piano memories from the one year of lessons I had as a teenager.

And so now I can slowly eke out the chords for pretty much all the songs I've written, since they are all things like A, am, D, dm, E, em, G, C, F, F#m...that sort of thing. So it's not too hard to listen to the notes on guitar and figure out the chords on the keyboard. And then I can sort of accompany myself. Lots of practice needed, but it was so fun that two hours flew by while I was doing that, and my arms sort of got crampy.

Well, I promise that I'm not very good at it, but it was fun.

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elizabeth said...

That's great! Sounds Enjoyable!