I found some rabbit meat for sale at the farmer's market this Saturday.

So I bought some. I was pretty excited, as I still remember a really good rabbit dish that a french friend of ours used to make way back several decades ago on another continent, in another life...

So I thawed the rabbit. Put it in the crockpot and 1 cup dry white wine, chopped up mushrooms and onions, and cooked it on high for the time we were at Church...aprox 4 hours.

The meat was tender and falling off the bone when we got home and the house smelled REALLY good.

I removed the meat and transferred the sauce to a skillet, whisked in some flour and some sour cream, salt and pepper, and back over the meat.

Served of course over egg noodles and some fresh local spinach on the side.

It was a good Mother's day dinner. And to make up for the fact that I cooked lunch, Wes took us to Pizza Hut for supper. Yeah, I know. Pizza Hut is plebian, but our family likes it.

Rabbit in white wine sauce = Yum!


wendylf said…
Sounds like a great meal and your pizza treat. Happy Mother's Day!
maria said…
Yum to the rabbit dish; I'd like to try it sometime. And yum to Pizza Hut -- they have the best best best creamy italian dressing in the whole world.
elizabeth said…
very lovely. and nothing wrong with Pizza Hut either! :)
Anonymous said…
My memory of the smell of cooking rabbit was in the early stages of my last pregnancy. After the armpit smells in the tram I came home to Ruth's rabbit simmering on the stove. I had absolutely no appitite that evening--and I think it was probablly the same time you were smelling it. :( bjm
Lightfinder said…
Alana said…
I think I remember it from when I was a bit older than four. We had dinner there occasionally and I think that, and Raclette were her specialities.
Jasmine said…
Wow! How'd you know how to put all of these things together? Sounds wonderful!

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