It seems like so many of the "mom" type blogs or websites are dedicated to the diaper set. There's something really special about those early years of parenting and I do look back with fondness on the times when chubby little arms and legs surrounded me and filled my lap.

I loved nursing my babies and toddlers, I loved co-sleeping, babywearing...finding ways to keep them quiet and appropriately occupied in Church. I loved having a toddler in the shopping cart with me while I was running errands, so that I would have someone to talk to and be silly with. And I absolutely loved taking little kids to the park to play. I loved the fellowship of hanging out with other moms who had young kids, too. Those were good times.

But now my kids are older, and this is also a sweet time. My youngest, my baby mind you!, is busy making a huge batch of waffles that will go in the freezer for toaster waffles. She's doing the waffles! (Motherly arm-waving "yays"!) It's a simple and boring job that requires attention to the kitchen timer, care not to burn oneself, and careful measuring of the waffle batter. And constant getting up off my chair. I'm very happy she's doing the getting up off the chair part, since I sort of over did it yesterday.

My fifteen year old is regularly very very helpful in the kitchen, too. And they help with the laundry. My other teen is a writer who works diligently on her stories, and who also has an amazing talent for bed-making, room tidying and vacuuming.

So all those diaper years, followed by the lego almost eleven-year old is busy inventing his own game: Making game cards, drawing the board, etc. Good times!

These years are good, too. One can't blog about a teenager the way one blogs about the antics of a wee toddler, though, that's for sure. Someone might read it! But the phases are good.


It's a good time, too, when they are grown into loving, responsible adults with their own families! Life: it's all good.
elizabeth said…
Nice. Yeah, life keeps going. It is good to see the good in your kids. Hope you are feeling better!
mamajuliana said…
I know what you mean. There are a lot of "Mommy bloggers" of the younger set of children-but fewer bloggers of those with older children.

Mine are 17 and 18 now...I guess I am heading into the old mother blogeers group soon!
Really, I love having toddlers, but I feel that I did not even get to enjoy their infancy before it had vanished. So I'm hoping to absorb and cherish every moment of their toddler years before this to slips through my fingers.
Has said…
You have no idea how encouraging this post was for me.
Susan said…
To everything there is a season!!
Victoria said…
Oh my lands, B is 15???!!! "How time flies." But I guess I have been gone for almost 2 years and she was 13 when I left, so...there you go. Please tell her hello for me. I still remember her as a little kid in church with beautiful hair (which I'm sure she still has), reading everything she could get her hands on.

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