One thing leads to another...

I baked bread...two loaves of whole wheat molasses bread, and also got some sour dough rye started for next week. Starting the starter takes seven days.

Ariana wanted some berries with her toaster waffle, so I put some on the stove to simmer, and accidentally added too much water. So I added more berries, some agave nectar, and let that cook, and then ran it through the blender with some gelatin for some homemade fridge jam. That was unplanned. But nice.

Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at lactofermentation, and make some sauerkraut of sorts. But to do that, I needed whey. I thought about making yogurt, but opted for some farmer's cheese instead, because I was also curious about that process. Four cups of milk yielded a small amount-several ounces- of farmer's cheese which tastes like Mozzarella. I gussied it up with some homegrown basil, salt and pepper. Yum.

Then I took half a cup of that whey and added it to the chopped cabbage, onion and carrot mixture, beat it with a mallet for ten minutes (in a bowl) and then put it in some clean Mason jars. Mason jars full of homemade goodies make me happy. There it will sit and ferment for three days. Raw fermented food goodness, I hope.

Then I took the rest of the whey and used it to make waffle batter for tomorrow's breakfast.

Now I'm tired, and I still need to make dinner.

I've been reading Nourishing Traditions, in case you didn't know.


Anonymous said…
I'd wondered if you'd ever tried NT when I've read about the various health issues. It takes some practice to implement the ideas, and I don't use all of them, but overall its been a very helpful resource for us.
Anonymous said…
wow! i'm slightly envious of your cooking talents. (ok, maybe more than "slightly")

I enjoyed thumbing through NT. I recommend the tahini tuna salad sandwich. :)
elizabeth said…
Nice!!! Good for you - one of my good friends LOVES this book!

I'm sure I would too, but do not have/take the time to cook like I used to... one thing at a time!
Alana said…
cooking is worth it.
Dollymama said…
You've got a regular "if you give a moose a muffin" situation going on! ;)

I recently started making yogurt using my crock pot. Super easy and yummy! This is the first time I've ever appreciate homemade plain yogurt.
Jasmine said…
I wish I could get ahold of that crockpot yogurt recipe!

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