My Head is Spinning

It seems that my kids are going to go to Antiochian Village Camp in about FIVE weeks, for a two week camp experience, thanks to some scholarships through our parish. I'm bowled over, humbled and so very grateful.

That means I have a long list of things to get ready for them, to be away for two weeks, each will need some additions to their wardrobes (one of the advantages/drawbacks of home schooling is, it requires less of a wardrobe, potentially, and I don't think my kids have enough pants, for instance, to go for a week without laundry), two the girls will need swimsuits, and I'll have to put lables in everyone's clothes and make sure they have rain gear, too.

And do we even OWN that many (four) suitcases?

Well, we will soon enough.

But just think:

For the first time in FIFTEEN years I will have two weeks to myself.


What will I EVER do with myself?

Prayers appreciated, especially for my son, E, who is Aspieish and not much of a people person, that he would do OK at camp. (His mama needs him to do OK and have this growing up experience, alrighty?) And for B. She's on a special diet which really helps her brain issues (the SCD diet), and I've not heard back from the camp yet, as to whether she'll be able to stay on it for the duration of camp. I'm willing to freeze meals for her and send them, provided she can get some freezer space and access to a microwave oven.

I"m just praying that it will all work out.

Yesterday in my car, while I was alone and driving somewhere, I found myself singing the old chorus:

"Ah, Lord God, Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power...
...nothing is too difficult for Thee. Nothing, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, nothing is too difficult for Thee."

So that's where I"m at with all of this. God's will be done, and I think it will work out, because a few weeks days ago I had even given up on idea of the kids going to Church camp at all.

Sometimes, living within one's means takes courage and sacrifice. And sometimes God is merciful and provides abundantly. It helps to pray.

I'm learning to pray about everything. All the little things, to lay them at the Lord's feet. Sometimes I think that living prayerfully like this is seeking first the Kingdom of God. He knows our needs. And often it seems like he cares about our wants, too.


Amy said…
How wonderful! That will be a great experience for all of you.

Isn't it so interesting how God teaches us moment by moment? Sometimes doing without is a necessary lesson. But other times, He provides in touchingly simple or mind-blowingly extravagant ways. Amazing!
Pres. Kathy said…
I pray that the kids have a wonderful time and you enjoy some peace.
elizabeth said…
Wonderful. I add my small prayers that this will all work out. I know camp when I was a child was the highlight of my summer...

Remember that kids can wear the same clothes more than one day... of course the challenge for some (I remember from work at camp) was that some kids would wear the same thing every day and go home with a suitcase full of clean clothes!! :)

My love to you. and thankyou for the reminder to pray to God for all things.
Laura said…
Hi, Alana! My stepson, Mike (also via scholarship), went last year for the first time and had a blast! The staff is extremely supportive and I'm sure everything will work out. Enjoy your two weeks! We're about 3 1/2 drive away from AV...let us know if you need anything. Be sure to visit the chapel when you drop the kids off, it is beautiful and they have relics from St. Moses the Black, and St's Ignatious and Theckla and a few others I don't remember. St. Raphael's relics are also buried on the grounds.
Amber said…
That's great! I'll be praying that everything goes well for all of you!

Two whole weeks, what're you going to do? :)
Veiled Glory said…
Wheee! What fun for everyone!

Yes, I will certainly pray all the children thoroughly enjoy the experience and make friends, even.
I'm so glad your kids are getting the opportunity to go to camp. I wish them health and happiness while they are away from you. I would spend the whole two weeks trying to quell my anxiety for them, I'm sure. God bless.
Alana said…
I won't be dropping them off, I'll be taking them the less-than-two mile distance to the Church parking lot and loading them onto a bus with other kids from the youth group.

Christina said…
My husband went to AV as a camper and then was a counselor there for a number of years. He has only wonderful memories of the camp! He loves it so much that he wants to send our boys when they are old enough (and we live in Portland, OR so it would involve an airplane trip in order to get there- thank goodness they are still young:)
Mimi said…
Oh my goodness, what an exciting development. Prayers indeed.

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