Finally, a good blouse pattern!

I've had a yen for the perfect blouse pattern (for sewing) for a long time. I'm sick and tired of t-shirts. For one thing, I'm fat fuller figured, and t-shirts are just an extra layer of sloppy, if you know what I mean.

So, I highly recommend, for all you seamstresses out there, the Romantic Blouse pattern .

The problem was, this pattern goes up to a size smaller (XL) than the size I needed (2X). The cut is generous, however, and with a few small changes, the blouse fits me perfectly.

I did not have to change any cutting lines to make it bigger. Instead, I modified the sewing a wee bit, by making smaller darts in the bodice instead of the big pleats the pattern calls for. I also added pleats at the sleeve cuff so that the sleeve would not sick out so much. And while I left all the seam allowances alone that had to do with the sleeves, collar, etc, I definitely sewed a narrower seam allowance on the side seams. This pattern allows for 5/8 inch seam allowances, and my technique is to do a 1/4 inch seam allowance and then zig zag the edges together (still wishing for that serger someday!) which results in an extremely durable garment.

Oh, and I did the buttonholes by hand. I know, my machine is supposed to do them for me, but I. just. can't. make. it. work. And besides, a wee bit of hand sewing at the end of a project is always welcome, in my opinion.


Veiled Glory said…
Pretties! It looks great on you!
Philippa said…
That is a really pretty and simple pattern. One that can be worn 'dressy' or 'with jeans.' I like clothing that can be worn for a variety of situations. I particularly like the material, as well as the cuffed short sleeves. Your adaptation to pleat them is great...I hate sleeves that stick out.

Will you make it in other colors?
Pres. Kathy said…
Very pretty!
Alana said…
Oh yes. I want to make a black one, for sure. Perhaps another white, a cream colored least.

I've been wanting an eyelet lace blouse for ages, and could never find one that was modest in my size.
Amber said…
Very nice!
elizabeth said…
beautiful! and i love the picture of you with the icon at the top of your blog. Good work and very lovely!
Anonymous said…
You call that fat? Don't be silly!
Blouse looks great :)

Shelley said…
I love the collar! Great blouse, and looks wonderful on you-very flattering. I can feel myself getting in gear for some sewing!
maria said…
I bet you would look so gorgeous in a peasant blouse or an empire-waisted shirt -- flowing & feminine, but forgiving around the belly (where I need substantial forgiveness myself!).
maria said…

I think you'd look pretty in this!
That IS a cute pattern. I wish I had the drive to sew again. Maybe if I had a machine I'd motivate myself to do it again.

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