Do I get to stop being busy yet?

Today I went and picked up some milk, cream, butter, cream cheese, grassfed beef...that sort of thing from the farmer I buy them from.

Then we stopped by the Home School Book Swap, where Ariana hurt herself on the big blow up bouncy thing. Moon Walk, I think it was called, and where I spent far too much grocery money in order to save loads of money on our home school supplies for next year.

Then it was rushing home for a quick lunch and a change and out the door to sing in the choir at a funeral. And that took LOTS longer than I'd planned...this time we went out to the cemetery, then back to the parish hall for a luncheon, which of course I didn't feel like skimping on (the social stuff, not the food).

Fortunately, our chiropractor was able to fit Ariana in late this afternoon, so that now her back feels much much better. She'd torqued it wrong and I think has finally become a believer in chiorpractic care as a result of today's mishap and the fact that she's feeling much better now.

I've got some lima beans cooling in the crock pot, and some artisan bread dough rising on the stove. I think I'll make it into a crusy loaf this time, and do the beans with some onions for supper.

I think it would be good for me to get off the computer and form the loaves, and then hide out in my bedroom with my Bible and prayer book for awhile. I have not done enough of that sort of thing this week.


maria said…
And you did all this before 2:34pm??? Now I really feel like a slacker...
Alana said…
No. I think the time stamp on my blog is wrong. I wrote that around 5 pm.
elizabeth said…
That is a lot of things, but it sounds like a lot of good things. Sending you my love from Ottawa!

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