Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy, busy!

So this week has been so crazy, and it's all boring mundane stuff that is barely worth blogging about. But here goes: On Monday I had two kids to get their camp physicals, and someone to go to her last speech therapy evaluation. So lots of running around. And I made bread, and did other house holdy things.

Our dryer kicked the bucket...again. We've replace the heating coil on that thing so many times and we know it's expensive. We decided not to this time. Instead, we've figured out how to air dry our laundry inside our apartment and look forward to significant energy savings on that front. So we are being eco friendly and thrifty all at the same time. Perhaps the new laundry rhythm will enable/force me to stay on top of things better.

Yesterday was errand craziness. More camp physicals and then I took the two kids with broken glasses and myself to the eyedoc for what we needed there. B and myself both ended up with new perscriptions and M go a perscription from a few months back filled finally. Five new pairs of glasses (I got new reading glasses and the eye doc place was having a two for $99 deal for the kids) acquired and my first pair of bifocals on order! Egads. I'm a little on the younger side for that, but then again, that's what my eyes are doing.

All that running around took all day. Somehow I managed to make it to vespers as well, and have a meal on the table at dinner time as well.

Today, it's packing for our trip to visit my folks. I taught the kids how to make homemade granola, and if everyone didn't agree on an ingredient, it did not get put in, so there's high hopes it will actually get eaten.

Fun stuff in the mail: Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon. yay! Lots of good reading to be done with my new reading glasses.

And knitting! I am working on a sweater now, with lace and prettiness and buttonholes, etc. because I did some alterations to a friend's Mother of the Bride dress and she paid me, so I had a bit of spending money! I love challenging my skill level and getting better at things.

Ok, that's me so far this week. No big insights into life, the universe, or anything, but it's probably better that way!

My granola smells awesome, so I think I'll go eat some now.


elizabeth said...

sounds like lots of good things - I got my glasses updated too - I am severely myopic, as Madeleine L'Engle would say...

margi said...

I've never, ever owned a dryer, here they (and dishwashers) are still sort of luxury items unlike the US where they are standards. I put everything on a line in the garden in good weather and on airers in the house in bad which is mostly the case in Scotland. I admire you though for being prepared to try it with laundry for six.

Has said...

Care to post your granola recipe? I'm always looking out for the 'best' granola.