So Tired!

Oh my goodness, I'm tired tonight! I was tired when I woke up this morning, and tired when I went grocery shopping, and tired when I came back and put things away, tired when I went to the chiropractor, tired when I came home and cooked dinner, tired when I ate it, and tired when I went to choir practice.

And then I found out that they were doing the canon of St. Andrew, and Vespers lasted about an hour longer than normal, so I went there instead of choir, and then choir afterward, so all went later.

Raining like cats and dogs coming out of choir, so I got wet dashing to Kroger for a forgotten item and then home.

I'm tired. Did I mention that I'm tired?

It's one of those days that is just lived. Thoughts of God and prayers here and there. But it's just so full of living and struggle, and I did not get everything done I wanted to do.

But that's OK. Tomorrow is another day and I can get some things done then. I hope.

Gotta get my house clean.


Mimi said…

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