Monday, April 20, 2009

And then it fell apart....

To Do list today:

-wait for maintenance to come and find what's leaking water onto my kitchen floor.
-shop vac said water off floor occasionally

-go to laundromat and dry wet clothes (including towels from mopping above-mentioned kitchen floor)
-pull dryer out of apartment sized dryer/washer nook and figure out what type of belt we need
-find dryer repair man or dryer repair parts and research to to fix it myself


And I was planning on RESTING today.


Mimi said...


Tabitha said...

I'm so sorry your Monday hasn't been "bright". I sympathize. My husband had today off, so I hoped to have a productive day. Instead I woke up sick (too little sleep, too much dietary change, too pregnant to cope with it) and he apparently had plans with a couple of friends and an unexpectedly visiting cousin anyway. Nevertheless, it was good to see you and to chat face to face yesterday! And there is still a lot of bright week left. Here's hoping yours is all up from here.

gemma said...

Man plans and God giggles. Sorry about the flood and such. Hope things are back together

elizabeth said...

No fun!

I do not think you should fix this yourself. It is the landlords responsiblity. Also you should not have to pay for parts yourself. It is part of a lease agreement that they are responsible! Grrrr!

Hope it gets fixed soon!

Alana said...

The dryer is our property, so we did fix it ourselves (with the help of a repair man, that is).

Maintenance will come and fix the water leak...eventually. Meanwhile I have a system of shop-vacing the water that is working well, since it is a slow leak.