Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ah, Holy Week!

So yesterday, I am happy to report, all four kids were perfect angels while I took them to Church in the morning for Presanctified Liturgy. I sang in the choir while they lurked in the balcony of the chapel. I could see their faces (some of their faces) peering down from on high, and I gave them the motherly eye occasionally, and all went well. I think that set up made some of the ya ya's nervouse, but to my great pride and joy, they made me proud. And joyful.

But I'm not so foolish as to try to pull that stunt two days in a row. This morning we take off, and save our strength for tonight.

Bridegroom Matins on Sunday night was lovely. The choir sang.

Bridegroom Matins on Monday night was unintelligible. Everything was echo-y in the big cavernous building and not enough bodies were there to absorb the sound. The tones were Arabic, I guess, Lebanese, or something and at that moment, I really really MISSED the OCA. But it had it's own beauty. And Father G, bless is soul, read the very long gospel reading, and between the cavernous echoes and his Indian accent...well, that too might as well have been in Arabic. God is teaching me something here. I just know it. Patience, perhaps?

Last night's Bridegroom Matins was better. We found our Holy Week Service book, and read along by candle light in the dark, so that helped a lot. This time it was Father M reading the Gospel, and he's form Pennsylvania or some such place. Perfectly understandable.

Yesterday I also made two loaves of sweet bread. And about five pounds of meatballs to put in the freezer. For next week. Yum.

But the sweet bread (also in the freezer...for the Pascha Basket) I must blog about: I used the typical Swiss Zopf recipe, with whole milk, butter, (I just realized I forgot the eggs!...oh well, the bread turned out), yeast, flour, bit of know, your basic sweet bread. But instead of sugar, I used chicory root powder, which measures just like sugar, is all natural and is basically fiber, so it does not absorb. I was a bit nervous making such a substitution for such an important occasion.

Based on the buttery, sweet smells coming off the loaves when I took them out of the oven, it's going to be bread worth waiting for. And sugar free. I just wish the stuff weren't so darned expensive. Here's a link to some. The stuff I use is called "Just Like Sugar" and I get it at whole foods.

The quark that I got at the International Grocery (mostly Russian stuff) is draining in the fridge and today I have to transform that into cheese paska. Quark! Remember that stuff. My Russian friend (who grew up in Germany) calls it that. The label reads "Farmer's Cheese", which I've seen referenced in diet books, but never knew exactly what it was. Now I know. Quark, beloved quark. Ever have a quark cake? Y-um.

So as usual, my life is all about food and Church. Hmmmm. That's telling, isn't it?

Coming up on my horizon: Sewing a weighted blanket and weighted vest for B, and then perhaps for E, and then perhaps for A. The cost of materials will run about half of what these therapeutic items would run to order them already made.

But even so, it still costs. Especially if it's times three or four. Sigh.


Philippa said...

"and I gave them the motherly eye occasionally"

I am well familiar with this 'eye' having utilized it quite frequently myself over the years. It is a talent that is born when the child is born. The child is birthed. The 'eye' comes forth! LOL!

Tracy said...

Alana, how are you making the weighted vest? Our littlest has a lot of issues (her birth mother used everything and anything during her pregnancy so the drug and alcohol effects are huge).

Mimi said...

I also utilize the "motherly eye".

Pres. Kathy said...

My little guy is too young for the motherly eye, but I have been practicing!

Alana said...

I've just been googling. Bright week, hopefully I will go to Lowe's or Home Depot and see if there are any little metal doo dads I can sew into the liner of a home made vest. I'm just in the thinking stage right now.