Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday, after playing in the sand pit for a while, my youngest came in crying because some kid was throwing sand at her and messing up her building efforts. WHY do kids act like that? You'd think this sort of behavior would be nipped in the bud by the time a child is eight or nine or ten years old. It's just juvenile and ridiculous. So, I went out and had a little chat with the offender, which may or may not help the future situation, as he would barely talk to me, and basically rolled his eyeballs at me the whole time. Next time (please God, don't let there be a next time) his mama's gonna hear about it.

Well, a few minutes after she came in, A realized she'd lost her mood ring. Her beloved mood ring that she's saved up her allowance to buy, from the Bernheim Forrest Gift Shop. I was rather proud of her. She saw the mood rings there the first time we visited, and then set aside her penchant for buying candy, and started doing chores and saving her quarters. As she wailingly pointed out to me, $4.33 is alot of money for her.

Well, it was gone and we wondered if it was lost in the sand pit, as she did not remember taking it off before going to play outside. Her sadness made me anxious and upset, too, (on top of confronting the little brat on the playground) and what I really wanted to do was promise to buy her another one. But I didn't. I knew better. She needed to learn a lesson about taking care of things, since apparently my lecture had not done any good. So I stayed silent.

Pretty soon, her mood shifted and she decided she's keep looking for the ring, but also start saving up for another one. After that she was a much happier girl and I was glad I hadn't tried to rescue her.

This morning, the ring was found in her brother's room where apparently she'd taken it off while fidgeting. As a reward, he collected a fifty cents, and a pokemon card that his sister bestowed upon him.

I'm sure the mood ring's stone is a dark blue color, which stands for happy.


Philippa said...

Happy here too!

Deb said...

Off topic, but, remembering your attendance at a demonstration against mountaintop removal coal mining, I wanted to be sure you saw this good news:

Not absolute total victory yet, but a really important step.

elizabeth said...

glad to hear about this! glad she found her mood ring! i know how much things like this can mean to us, kid or adult!

love to you!

gemma said...

I love a happy ending and there is a moral to this one too.

carissa... BrOwN EyEd fOx said...

next time i WANT to give in i am going to remember this!

gosh... it can be SO darn hard not to want to fix the situation!

i love how this turned out... so glad you shared... SO glad she gound her ring... great story !

amy said...

I'm glad to have found your blog and plan on having my morning coffee with you from time to time =-)

May God shine His face upon you ~


maria said...

I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I continue to keep you & yours in prayer. If I'm ever going through Louisville, we'll get some time.