Crazy, crazy Lent so far...

and of course I can't stay away from the blogging. But I have cut back.

So, what's been happening with me, you wonder? Well, my back is way better than it has been in YEARS, thanks to a new chiropractor and some custom orthotics in my shoes. Wow. Walking without pain. Who knew?

I had a very nice trip up to Holy Dormitian monastery the first weekend of Lent. That was fabulous. It rained the entire time, like cats and dogs, but I got to pray, pray and pray some more. My family's health needs, especially my oldest but also my son were particularly on my heart.

B is not doing too hot. Barely muddling along. Please pray with us that God would either heal her, or help us find the right meds for her to be on so that her illness can become stabilized. Her current meds: less than perfect but better than nothing.

All the kids being so funky and ill feels like spiritual warfare. So we pray, pray, and pray some more. God have mercy.

Home school plods along in much more of a Charlotte Mason style than ever before. I remember a few years back when I tried doing a classical approach, got all these wonderful books in the mail and had no idea what to do with them. I'm learning and I know so much more now. And now my son learned that the underground railroad was NOT a giant subway system designed to whisk runaway slaves to freedom in Canada.

Do you know what a Thylacine is? Ha! We do. It's a supposedly extinct marsupial wolf-like creature with tiger stripes on it's backside that used to inhabit Australia and more recently Tazmania. In Australia the Dingoes (brought by Asian traders thousands of years ago) muscled them into extinction/great rarity, and in Tasmania it was sheep farmers in the past 200 years. Supposedly the last specimen died in a zoo in 1936 but there is at least one Youtube video on such a creature supposedly filmed in the 1970's. Fun stuff. I love obscurities. Too bad they don't test kids on their knowledge about the Thalacine on the SAT, eh?


Pres. Kathy said…
Mimi said…
Prayers as you continue your Lenten struggle. Especially for B.

And, very cool about the Australian wolf.
elizabeth said…
you have indeed cut back!

how wonderful! Holy Dormition is such a wonderful place...

my small prayers for your B.

love to you.

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