Worse Back

I went from knowing I have a bad back, to knowing I have a worse back.

I thought I had two degenerated discs.

Add two more to that number...and arthritis. And a reverse curve on my neck.



elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy. I hope things can get better for you. sending my love...
kristinsdottir said…
ow ow ow

so sorry to hear this, Alana.

I have a reverse curve in my neck, too, and so does my husband. Maybe just we really smart people get it. From reading?


Hang in there and God bless!

Marsha said…
a few years ago, I had a reverse curve in my neck. Now, the curve inmy neck is pretty close to optimal. Traction and regular treatments (and sleeping on ONE pillow instead of two or three!)helped a lot.
Philippa said…
Oh yuck. That just not sound good no matter which way you look at it.

Lord have mercy on your Handmaiden.
Mimi said…
Oh hon, I'm so sorry.

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