Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thoughts on Vegetarianism

While I'm dong the twice monthly massive homemade chicken nugget fry my youngest comes to me and says:

"Hey Mom, B and I decided we are going to be vegetarians."


"Oh good for you. Lent is coming. You can be a vegetarian then, and when Pascha comes, we'll see how much you still want to be a vegetarian. How 'bout?"

...fifteen minutes later, a wan looking youngest daughter appears in the kitchen door, gazing longingly at the freshly made chicken nuggets.

"I'm hungry. What can I have for a snack?"

"Vegetarian, or non-vegetarian?"

"I don't knowwwww."

"Have a nugget."

"Thanks, mom."


elizabeth said...

:) phew. would not want all those homemade c. nuggets to go to waste! :)

i love hearing stories about your family!

sending you my love from up here in Ottawa!!

religiousstudiesscholar said...

Ha! I love it!

Elevation Perception said...

Good thing THAT one didn't last too long :)