Something I always wanted to do

but never had the to sing in a choir.

At. St. A's there just wasn't enough room over there for me, and practice was at the wrong time no matter when because we lived too far away.

In High School, there were the award winning "Sophisticats" which I never even tried out for. I think I got discouraged from doing that, and I ran Cross Country instead. Now I understand what it's like to not have enough money to pay for kids' activities, and Sophisticats would have been expensive.

But now I'm here. And St. M's has a wonderful sounding choir, and I went to practice tonight. We live so close that I could run my kids home after vespers, and come back for practice.

I'm over the moon about it. Now I just hope I have the energy for it. We were practicing music for the Canon of St. Andrew, sung during the first week of Lent. The words were a good reminder of what is coming and boy, do I need it ever!

And then when practice was over I realized: Perhaps this is a really impetuous time of year to start singing in the Choir. But being impetuous is what I'm good at.

Please, God, let my back keep getting better...

At any rate, I'm excited about finally being in choir.


elizabeth said…
May God strenghten you... so glad to hear this. how wonderful to be in a choir!

Love to you this day from up North of you! :)
Has said…
Lucky you! I'd love to be in a choir.

The comments function on your foodie blog doesn't seem to be working. What I wanted to know was: how much does your 'bag of lentils' weigh?
gemma said…
Congrats...I always loved glee club in high school and choir at the church...haven't thought about it since then and have sparked a thought.
Calee said…
Good for you! I'm too scared to sing in public but someday I'd like to be in a choir.
Mimi said…
Whohoooo1 Congratulations!
Victoria said…
That's really wonderful, Alana! Singing will make you feel better about *everything*! Enjoy. Love to all!
Victoria said…
That's really wonderful, Alana! Singing will make you feel better about *everything*! Enjoy. Love to all!
Prisca said…
Sounds like the choir is just what you need to boost your spirits!!! :) Glad to hear you found something you REALLY enjoy!
Veiled Glory said…
Very happy for you!

My mother still sings with her church choir, lung cancer, fibro and all. I am inspired!
Oh Alana what would the world be like without souls like you? So boring so dull. Sing my dear sing! One of my favorite actors had a horrble back problem --you know the guy on Fantasy Island who just went home to see Jesus. He said that when he acted he was unaware of how bad his back was beacause his brain could not do 2 things at once. with that I will play my rosary tape real loud and take this 60 yr. old back into the living room and ---vacuum!!!! No kids around to talk into it so I guess I'm it.
Penelope said…
I was in a choir some years was a very enjoyable experience. I often wish I had continued.

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