Once upon a Time at the Circus...

We only got lost once on the way to the Circus.

And having gotten lost, I only started crying once, while driving around in a creepy part of town trying to find out where to go. (My nerves are a wee bit frazzled these days and I cry a lot.)

But I HAPPENED to have six dollars in cash in my purse that we (surprise!) needed to pay for parking.

Then, we only parked in the wrong parking lot just once, after we finally located the Expo center.

Ariana only started wailing once when the death defying acts of the acrobats scared her (but her wailing lasted for a while).

Bethany only got lost once on the way to the bathroom during intermission (the clowns, security guards and shriners were very helpful and we found her).

Eric melted down only once and begged to go home, due to the stress of watching me hunt for Bethany and due to the noise levels.

But fortunately I found another four dollars in quarters, nickles and dimes at the bottom of my purse to save the day with one thing of cotton candy for us to share.

And the circus ended with some posing pachiderms, who managed to charm the kids back into a good mood---so everyone is is living happily ever after.

I'm exhausted.


Veiled Glory said…
The Big Apple Circus was way better than what you had to see! They are only one ring, under a tent. The acts are mostly non-scary (some high wire, but not that high, with a net.) Animal tricks, clowns, and acrobats. It was a great time. If they come to your town, it should be a much better experience.

Rest, dear one.
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy! Glad you all survived; and had good moments too; prayers and love to you and family ... hope you can all rest a bit now...
gemma said…
My husband and I took our nieces and nephews to the circus many years ago and as we were trying to maintain order and work on that head count thing a stranger offered us this piece of advice....never bring more children than you have hands. We laughed later.

Sorry you had such a tough time but glad all worked out well and you all got home safe and happy....that's the important thing.

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