Dear NBC,

Many of the commercials aired during the Super Bowl were inappropriate for a prime-time family audience.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, that you decided to let your advertisers introduce the existence of internet pornography to innocent children all across America today.

The violence in the movie trailers (which are genrally supposed to be rated G) is almost not worth commenting on because unfortunately it is too common.

Nevertheless, such things should not be common in a decent and moral society, and because they are, the only conclusion is that our society is neither.

Thanks to you and the sordid commercials you allowed to be aired from your station, we did not watch but the first part of the first quarter of the Super Bowl. Fortunately, our television set still has on off switch.


Tuned out in Kentucky


npmccallum said…
If that makes you mad, check out these two articles:
Hi Alana,

Usually I don't watch the Superbowl, but I had to this year because of Troy Polamalu. He is Eastern Orthodox (is on the Steelers). It is so wonderful to see him cross himself after every play. :-)

HUZZAH! (3x)
Concur fully...we abstained as well (though mainly for lack of interest so I can't claim a pious fast! LOL!)
elizabeth said…
Yeah. I heard that there was going to be a terrible commerical; so bad taht CTV in Canada refused to play it! (which is a miracle, sadly)

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