Thursday, January 01, 2009


She is an 8 kg long handled sledgehammer with an old pillow tied around her, complete with red bow!

She needs a name. She is my shovelglove and her purpose is to help me get some exercise.

What shall I name her? Dusty is NOT an option.


Veiled Glory said...

Betty is a generic "thing" name for me. Or LuLu?

Debby said...

How about SLIM to keep your mind on the goal and have a cute name?

Or Slim Jim?


Weight no more?

Sarah Plain and Tall?

Ok im done, lol.

Alana said...

Slim is not my goal, though. I've given up on slim. I just want to be strong.

What's the greek word for strong?

Alana said...

I found a name: Dynamo!!!!