Thursday, January 01, 2009

Should I Start a new blog about GFCF?

I could, you know.

Late last night I made some GFCF St. Basil's bread (Wes found the hidden coin!) and my dd was SO grateful that I'd made the special bread so that she did not feel left out of the celebration when the bread was passed out after Divine Liturgy this morning.

And the other interesting GFCF cooking I did, was used these big pieces of round rice paper wrappers to make some pork and cabbage and onion filled "spring rolls". Well, those were a pain, and it took many tries before I figured out the technique for dealing with the rice wrappers. They are very stiff and have to be immersed in hot water to make them pliable. I was dipping the whole thing in and having a "cling to itself" problem, rendering the wrapper unusable. The solution: dip each edge into the hot water, leaving a stiff bit in the center of the circle untouched by the water. I put the filling on that part and was able to fold the wrapper burrito style just fine. The nice thing is, it sealed itself. And then I pan fried them which was also less than successful: too oily (I need to cut down on the oil in my cooking, chub, chub) and it did not crisp them up very well. Next time (if there is a next time) I'll try baking the wraps for a few minutes.

BUT they tasted very very good. I made a sauce out of wheat free soy sauce and some truvia (a stevia blended with erythritol sweetener) and guar gum to thicken it a bit.

Tasted very good. The key is adding plenty of ginger and a bit of soy sauce and some pepper to the stir fry.

The other thing I did, to lower the glycemic index of the foods my kids eat is I made homemade pancake syrup with a 50/50 mix of agave nectar and water, and a cap full of maple syrup flavoring. And 1.5 tsp guar gum to thicken it up. I may add more gum tomorrow, as it's still quite runny, but it tastes very good!

For breakfast the kids can eat homemade gluten free/casein free waffles with this syrup.

Tomorrow's dinner: Chicken and veggie and potatoes baked. Doesn't get any easier or yummier than that! It's my name day and I might make a cake, too. And the kids might kidnap me and make me take them to the store to buy me flowers. ;-) My Russian friend insists that one should have flowers and a cake on one's name day. It will be GFCF chocolate with a raspberry filling...if I make it. Sweetened with turbinado sugar or palm juice sugar. The natural stuff does not make Bethany's head feel funny.

So what do you all think: Separate blog for GFCF, or not?


Has said...

I say no, because it would be another thing on your plate to maintain, and life sounds busy already. I can't imagine even keeping up one blog. I suppose it depends upon whether you feel guilty when you don't update your blogs regularly enough.

Also I appreciate the eclectic nature of your blog, even though I don't do a GFCF diet myself. On the other hand I do understand that blogs about specific dietary requirements are very, very useful for some people, and so it might be a blessing for those who need it.

Jennifer said...

If you're like me and prefer to keep things simply separate, then yes. I have an Orthodox Blog, and I have other blogs that are devoted to other subject matters.

It depends on what you want to do with the blog. If you're interested in monetizing, then I would definitely suggest having a blog devoted to one niche subject matter.

I hope you made the cake. It sounds delicious!

Tabitha said...

Well, you know I read your GFCF posts with particular interest! I would continue to read them avidly here or elsewhere. Really its whatever works for you. BTW I'm enjoying the crockpot365 link, although I've only scratched the surface. I've also enjoyed reading about the ways in which your older ones help in the kitchen. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

philologia said...

Either way, just keep the GFCF posts coming! I'm a little bit sensitive to both the G and C, and I'm Orthodox, so I kind of love getting to read about both in one place.
It's like going to the regular little-bit-o'-everything bookstore instead of to a mystery-book store or a books-that-have-movies store. When you blog about different topics all right here, everything I like to find is in one place.