Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Po-Ta-Toes (Waffles)

Leftover mashed potatoes (or instant)
an egg or three, depending on your quanitity of potatoes.
a bit o' salt
a bit o' non-dairy (if you are avoiding dairy) milk alternative, or the cow stuff...whatever
a bit (a few tablespoons for a small batch, a few more for a large batch) o' flour (GFCF blend if that is your diet).

Mix. While your Kitchen Aid does all the work, stand there glorifying God. If you don't have a Kitchen Aid, this is a good time for prayers of petition.

Heat up waffle maker and cook each waffle about five minutes.

Serve with ketchup and something savory like beans-n-meat (ground turkey strechted with onions, butter beans and lima beans in this case).


Monica said...

Thanks, Alana!

Tabitha said...

Alana, you crack me up, edify me and give me new food ideas all in one fell swoop. You rock!