More knitty-knitty stuff

Just wanted to show you all the fun two color pattern I'm working into my current pair of socks, and also how I'm holding the yarns, knitting in the continental style. The photograph is fipped, unfortunately. That's my left hand you are looking at.

Both colors are being held on two fingers of the same hand, and I just grab whichever one is appropriate to the pattern as I take each stitch. Fun stuff.


Has said…
You're clever! I'd love to knit, but it might accidentally turn into one of my obsessions that I never get time to pursue and therefore frustrates me. So I'm content to watch other people knit. Besides - too hot around here for such warm items, even in winter!
Veiled Glory said…
I learn the continental method recently as well. It is much faster, when you get the rhythm down. Yarn overs are a breeze. ;)
Alana said…
I've been knitting using the continental method since I learned on the continent in second grade. People in my knitting group say I'm very fast.

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