Ice Storm

The big Kentucky Ice Storm of 2009 happened several days ago, and most likely will start melting off tomorrow. Many are still without power.

But it's been gorgeous, like a fairy land to look at.

We were without power on day 1, but it came back on at 10:30 pm that night. Much sooner than expected.

I thank God that this time (last big huge ice storm was in 2003) we have a wood burning fire place. That makes a difference, and dinner on Wednesday night was hobo meals cooked in the fireplace by candle light. Followed by an impromptu family sing along. I learned that my kids know ALL the words to American Pie, as well as the Star Wars version (My, my this here Anakin guy, maybe later he'll be Vader now he's just a small fry...).

Here's what I wrote to a friend, that describes some of this week:

More snow here. Wes and I dragged the kiddos out for Divine Liturgy at 7am in the dark today and the snow was coming down, ice on the trees and already a layer of snow underneath, with the fresh snow it turned the urban sludge into a winter fairyland once again. Snow on the onion domes at Church with the warmth of candle light and incense to greet us as we entered the chapel. Got to see the sun lighten the world and the snow falling out the windows as we celebrated the Divine Liturgy this morning, an icon of the way Christ lightens the whole universe.

Here's a less than fantastic shot taken leaving St. George's Chapel. If you look closely, you might spy the blue onion dome of the main church peeking out behind one of the ice-spangled trees.


elizabeth said…
lovely. thank you for your post! wow. that is some ice storm! glad you and family could weather this one out!

fyi - w.v. is preist .. almost spelled right!

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