Aren't we the happy homemakers????

Too bad I don't have a pretty calico apron...;-) Or charming pictures to post here.

I woke up to my teenaged daughter working on a triple batch of gluten free/casein free I helped her get those individually frozen and into the freezer in a couple of bags.

I home schooled the kids, did some laundry, and then this afternoon I made up a double batch (that means two bags of frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts, thawed, etc.) of gluten free/casein free chicken nuggets. Hopefully those will last two or three weeks because that job too several hours of working in the kitchen to accomplish.

I had to run to the store to get some cooking oil when I ran out, and I picked up a new hand mixer since we tend to go through those like they are disposable.

So Bethany starts making the bread and realizes we are out of guar or xanthan gum. Necessary for GFCF baking.

For that we whipped over to Whole Foods.

The motor stopped working on that new mixer half way through a batch of GFCF bread my daughter was making. For some reason the dough, which is usually batter-like, was thicker today and the motor burned out. WHY, WHY, WHY????

I really need a Kitchen Aid.

Then I took down the tree Christmas tree and put all that stuff away while my daughter worked on GFCF graham crackers. With no mixer.

Now there's a messy kitchen to deal with and I think supper is going to be something we just cooked, like bread, graham crackers, or chicken nuggets.

Ohm tord. (translation: I'm tired.)

Daily totals: 22 frozen waffles, 155 frozen chicken nuggets, 2 loaves of bread, 46 graham crackers. Not counting what people ate along the way.

I'm glad for my daughter's help!


Prisca said…
I love my Kitchen Aid mixer--it was a bit pricey but does a great job w/out dying on me! :)

Love your blog!
Mimi said…

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